What’s that that says butte had the surfing Spinach’s and we have two different versions of them as toucan see he’s surfing like by the mountains and he’s just surfing it there’s like a sky above so there’s one two three different flying Pikachu’swhich I’ve never seen these arts and fir I’ve seen this one birthday Chukka I have a birthday which is really cool this is lieutenant surges Spinach’s oh that’s just a lot more this is another birthday Dan would loved all.

These arts like everyone have to show him these this is crazy alright here we go and delta species is where they made Chukka actually met also we have metal and you were able to tell that it was a delta species not just because it was metal but I had special little symbol here and appear Think these are all Pokemon Center exclusive Spinach’s right there that’s adorable to remake of the base set thesis from Pokemon Rumble they released game called Pokemon Rumble.

where you play you roll dice and things with that I want to see if I can get that game and have like Dan Darin and I and maybe even Malone and be nice I think it plays like up to eight so we can actually sit down and play a game of Pokemon Rumble it was fun it was fun these are Pokemon these Spinach’s hereafter’s from around the world it was special set release where it has the same card with different art but all the cards were translated into like English and we have like French and Korean and Spanish uh Japanese Japanese there’s like two different yet more one here more Pokemon.

Center president the anniversary of Pokemon they released special box set with a full art Parachutist’s really cool oh my gosh those Spinach’s are this is the picket out of Pokemon the movie They playing soccer that’s adorable that is really adorable there is a lot of Chukka Oh bye I’ve never seen that one that is really awesome Chukka and coats we had Linkedin these two they have parachutist in English cosplay Spinach’s bear there is a lot I’ve never seen that one that is really cool.

we have these ones that is sweet and don’t know whose is but there’s a real person a real person on a Chukka guard we have those Darin has those too we had those and that alright.