I think that you know it’s going to provide a very significant advantage to helping you know merchants be able to eliminate a majority of the fees that they’re they’re paying for accepting payments they say I don’t want to get too bogged down in the legacy banking aspect of this but can you give me just one example of like a like a hidden fee or a fee that would cost businesses millions a year that they can that your approach can help them avoid like just to give an example absolutely so we’ll use business-to-business transactions for instance so say you’re a merchant.

That is accepting business credit cards well if you were to change a couple of the factors around the data that you’re sending to the processor one of those being a number and voice number um and it’s which is referred to as enhanced data level level by including a little bit more data with that transaction you can take you know a rape that’s that’s traditionally qualifying anywhere from.

And upwards down to . . and when you’re doing a large volumes of processing and the majority of it would you know traditionally be you’re saving a significant amount by kind of changing the behavior and then changing technology of the future the technology that you’re using to kind of facilitate that additional data interesting that’s we are just adding a couple extra bits of information can reduce your cost like that but it’s very true over a huge revenue stream over the course of say a year it’s a lot of money and if you’re something like a grocery store where your margins are in that industry are very small that.

Percent or percent extra makes a huge difference of interesting absolutely well we’ve got about a minute and a half to break tell us were you also in the space for a long time before you cross the over or so I’ve worked with a lot of a lot of my partners are in the space our primary focus was in you know the traditional payments area um you know there’s a lot of as you mentioned earlier legacy technology that that’s also contributing to the problem within the industry you know this lack of transparency is also attributed to – the inability to interpret data into to see what’s going on within a transaction stream so our primary focus is has been basically building out a technology platform.