Because of  the understanding of this substance and  how important it is they’re now doing  phosphorylation  IVs as well just like with vitamin C  just like with glutathione because it is  a clear bio marker for health and longevity and.

It’s a major player now here is the breakthrough here is the 1 exciting news that I get to share with 1 you today science has now developed a  way to take phosphorylation and it  makes what was called a lipids ohm which 1 is basically an oily bubble and inside 1 that oily bubble they can put things 11 like vitamin C and glutathione and  through our special manufacturing process this particular technology has allowed us to package vitamin C and 1 glutathione in small nano sized bubbles 1 of phosphorylation and here’s what 11 happens when you ingest.

That when it’s  into your mouth it starts to absorb through your skin as it goes down your  throat Vitamin c in liposomes absorb through the skin your throat I  guess into your upper stomach and so  forth  it passes directly into your bloodstream  and what this allows you to do is it  allows you for the first time to get a  significant amounts of three ingredients  that have been very difficult to get  into your body and delivered right into  your cells so think about this for a moment people are taking vitamin C IVs to get  their levels up they’re taking.

Glutathione IVs to get their levels up  there taking phosphorylation IVs to  get their level up and now you have the  ability through a supplement from nature’s  rich to raise all three levels of these  major life-giving substances into your  body through one simple source it is a  breakthrough that is substantial now the  next slide that I’m showing here is  rather technical here but what I want to  show you is part of our technological  breakthrough is the ability not only to 1 make.